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prisha brown wire crochet jewelry
Woven Wire Jewelry Materials List:

After I mix my colors, I begin stringing my random bead palette on my wire spool one bead at a time. This is a great example of the type of "bead palette" you'll be working with.

1.) An assortment of small to medium gemstones and pearl beads in your favorite color palette, preferably round, ranging in sizes 1mm. to 6 mm. Play with color and size combinations until you have a small snack size (2”x3”) ziplock bag full.

2.) Two briolette gemstones (tear dropped shaped), with a hole running horizontally, not front to back, if you were looking at the stone straight on.

3.) A large flat lid with a rim for mixing your bead palette

4.) A small dish with a lid or a ziplock bag for extra beads

5.) Pliers list:

-Very fine round nose pliers
-Very fine flat nose pliers
-Small wire cutters
-Split ring opening pliers
-Wire smoothing pliers

5.) A tape measure

6.) Eyeglasses or a magnifying lamp if you need assistance seeing fine work

7.) A lunch and something to drink

8.) Your favorite CD to share

9.) Patience for learning something brand new and very detail oriented

All other wire, sterling silver findings, crochet hooks (for workshop and class) and knitting needles (for class), and original project instructions are included in your lab fee.

I will have some pliers available I can share as well. See you soon!