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prisha brown wire crochet entwine jewelry
Blood Orange Earrings
Wire Basketweave
January 2011

These earrings are 1 and 5/8" long and 1/2" wide.

The smooth square Carnelian gemstones are capped with a 22 gauge framing sterling silver wire which has been woven with a finer 28 gauge fine silver wire. The woven peak of silver caps these glowing translucent gemstones beautifully. They are finished with elegant sterling silver, French ear wires.

Carnelian is a translucent reddish orange variety of Chalcedony. The reddish color is caused by the presence of iron oxides. Often times banded in colors of orange and red, the most highly prized Carnelian is the uniform deep reddish orange.

Carnelian has been found in some of the oldest known examples of jewelry. Among the ancient Egyptians, it was prized as one of the three most used stones among their jewelry (along with Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise), believing it to have great power in the afterlife. The Egyptian Goddess Isis protected the dead with a Carnelian Amulet named Thet. In ancient Greece and Rome, Carnelian was used in signet rings, cameos, and intaglios.