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prisha brown wire crochet entwine jewelry
Upstream Pendant
Single Crochet
February 2011

The dimensions of this pendant are 1 and 1/2" in length by 1" in width.

This striking single crocheted, copper pendant, entwines tubular, Turquoise heishi beads, woven in an alternating angular weave. The shades of turquoise range from a deep vibrant sky blue to a rich mossy green color. The warm copper wire is an appealing contrast to the cool blue tones in the Turquoise beads. The pendant hangs from a 16" sterling silver Italian snake chain.

The origin of heishi is fascinating indeed, and is inescapably linked to the ancient history of the people most proficient in its making, the Santo Domingo and San Felipe Pueblo Native Americans. It is safe to say that this is the oldest form of jewelry in New Mexico (and perhaps in North America), pre-dating the introduction of metals. Centuries ago, the shells used by the Pueblo Indians to make beads were obtained in trade from the Gulf of California.

When one looks at a string of heishi, the first reaction is frequently "how on earth can a person do that?" or "to be so perfect, it must be done by machines." The truth is, if it seems exquisitely perfect, it was most likely made by the hands of a highly-skilled, extremely patient craftsperson.