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prisha brown entwine jewelry wire crochet
Ethereal Spring Necklace
Freeform Crochet
December 2010

This necklace is 16" (just hits the collarbone) and 3/4" at its longest extension from the base.

When I created this necklace, I was thinking about the possibility of it being worn by a woman on her wedding day. This necklace is an expression of femininity and spring...delicate, light, airy, open, luminescent, soft, shimmering, bright, organic in movement.

I hand crocheted the .999 fine silver wire using my signature Freeform Crochet technique. Within the necklace, I entwined Freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Mother of Pearl shells, and round milky blue glass beads. This necklace is finished with a secure, sterling silver, box clasp.

This necklace is the perfect piece for someone that wants a completely unique handmade piece of jewelry for their wedding day. It is sure to become an heirloom treasure, cherished for years to come.