Entwine Jewelry
Blueberry NecklaceTurquoise Burst NecklaceGold Birch Leaf PendantGold Aspen Leaf PendantMarion Berry ClustersCitrus EarringsEgyptian Goddess EarringsBlue Quartz Africa PendantSummer Burst PendantSaffron Burst PendantTurquoise Burst PendantSunshine Burst PendantChrysophrase Butterfly RingCopper and Citrus Fluorite EarringsAutumn's Near NecklaceAutumn's Near Clasp DetailMagenta NecklaceCirque de Soleil PendantWalnut and Silver PendantAndalucia EarringsCoral PendantCoral Pendant14K Gold-Filled Spiral HoopsTurquoise Wave clasp detail14K Gold-Filled Snake HoopsVintage Textiles Vintage TextilesSilver Aspen Leaf PendantSummer Sky BraceletSterling Silver Snake HoopsVintage Blue RosesGrecian Lava RingGrapevine NeckwreathWhite Sands PendantBronze Summer Glow NecklaceWetlands PendantAqua Recycled Glass EarringsButterscotch EarringsGrapevine BraceletPalouse FallsCoral ClustersCustom Turquoise Heishi Earrings made for my Grandma's 80th Birthday.Pyrite and Pearls EarringsNew Orleans EarringsJasper Earrings (Back)14K Gold-filled Jasper Earrings FrontRainbow PendantVintage Map PendantCranberry Pearls and Amazonite NecklaceAbalone Shell Leaf PendantChris's Burst EarringsAfrica Amethyst PendantGold Oak Leaf PendantSilver Birch Leaf PendantSummer Garden EarringsFiesta EarringsCopper and FluoriteVintage Blue RosesVintage Blue Roses doubledAged to Perfection detailAged to Perfection Tuscan VineyardsTuscan Vineyards close upTuscan Vineyards doubledSilver Aspen Leaf PendantSilver Snake HoopsJapanese Garden EarringsKathleen's Rainbow Geode EarringsKristina's Carnelian EarringsJane's Paper Chain PendantPurple Cabbage Purple CabbageEgyptian GoddessEgyptian Goddess close upVintage MixSantorini Sunset close upSantorini SunsetBrazilian OperaFreshwater BraceletAthensBird's Nest
Bird's NestTurkish PendantTurkish Pendant detail Amethyst DropsTimelessEmbracedPlaya del SilencioPyrite and Pearls"Jeannie Earrings"Lapis ChandeliersCeladon Burst EarringsDay to Night EarringsSpring Garden Burst NecklaceInfinity Pool EarringsWatercolor Burst EarringsShorelineNectarBali Silver EarringsSummer Garden NecklaceSakura Earrings

Maya Talum NecklaceLemon Quartz EarringsUpstream PendantCottage Window PendantOpen Heart PendantEthereal Spring NecklaceSedona NecklaceLabradorite PendantGuava Kai BraceletMaya Talum EarringsDublin NecklaceAmazonite PendantBlood Orange EarringsColumbia River Gorge BraceletColumbia Gorge full viewAntique Berry ClustersTurkish Fan EarringsTrain RideTrain RideJapanese Garden EarringsAbacus EarringsImpression Jasper EarringsGeodes EarringsPeacock EarringsNight in MoroccoHood River PendantTuscanyInfinity EarringsCirque du Soleil PendantViva ValenciaNew Beginnings close upNew BeginningsForest PathForest Path long viewForest Path clasp detailCampo de' FioriSouth Africa NecklaceSouth Africa Necklace detailPatchwork NecklacePaper Chains: New Crayons detailPaper Chains: New CrayonsGuava KaiSienna BackroadsLapis SwirlsPine ConesMorning in the PlakaOriginal Guava Kai BraceletSunset Neckwreath"Portofino Earrings"Jane's Earrings"Seafoam Cuff Bracelet" top view"Seafoam Cuff Bracelet""Turkish Door""Turkish Window" Pendant"Wine Tasting Earrings"“Aspen Leaf Necklace""Lapis Blossoms Bracelet""Secret Garden Pendant" side view"Secret Garden" Pendant“Pompei Earrings”“Santorini Earrings”“Istanbul Market Earrings”"Turkish Fan" Pendant“Cinqué Terre Earrings”“Playa del Silencio Bracelet”"Moochite Swirl Necklace""The Siren's Neckwreath""La Jolla Beach Pendant""La Jolla Earrings""Late Harvest Blossom Bracelet""Long Embrace Necklace""Late Harvest Blossom Necklace""Italian Window" Earrings"Florence Bracelet""Florence Bracelet" full viewCustom Pendant made for my mom's Coral necklace.“Greek Wine Pendant”“Warm Winter Lights Pendant”“Meridian Thaw Pendant” Sunday at the BeachSaturday Downtown PendantOff Center, In Balance Necklace"Brass Chandeliers""Tuscany Cluster Earrings""Bird Pendant""Poppy Bloom Pendant""Copper Chandeliers""Africa" pendantWire Crochet  Workshop Example Project"Nara'a Birthday Earrings""Earring's for Nara's trip to Greece""Limes""Freshwater Pearl and Amazonite Earrings for Nara""Summer in India Necklace""Falling Snow Drops Necklace""Ornament Earrings""Summer Chandeliers""Wild Berry Pendant""Saturday in the Park""Tribal Earrings""Grape Cluster Bracelet""Napa Valley Wedding Necklace""Winter Morning Necklace""Winter Evening Necklace""Coin Pearl Earrings""Art Deco Necklace""Art Deco Earrings""Art Noveau Necklace""Ageless Earrings""Changed Pendant""Winter Leaf Pendant""Poppy Blooms Necklace""Amazonite Pendant""Turquoise Gallaxy Pendant""Butterfly Necklace""Custom necklace for Augusta""Seaweed Pearl Net Pendant""Honeymoon in Kauai" Necklace with 
"Blue Mai Tai" Earrings"Golden Berry Necklace""Sunrise Neckwreath""Lavender Shell Necklace""Heirloom Grape Necklace""Chinese Good Luck Pendant""Bronze Goddess""Branch Coral Earrings""Coral Chandeliers""Amazonite Raindrops""Hawaiian Cluster Earrings""Hawaiian Holiday" Necklace and Earring set"Cloud Quartz Earrings""Amazonite Dewdrops""Amazonite Earrings""Bali Silver Earrings""Midnight Flower Earrings""Mosaic Pendant"Amethyst Ring (front view)Amethyst Ring (back view)Amethyst Ring (side view)Closure Detail on Blue Ocean LaceFrozen Waterfall NeckpieceKnit Closeup from Frozen Waterfall NeckpieceGreen Patina Pin Kite Pin"Etched Rabbits"
Please view this collection of sold items as a catalog. Many of these pieces are truly one of a kind, many can be recreated very closely or customized for your color and length preferences.

Here you can see the range of jewelry I have created and sold over the years. If you are interested in a custom design inspired by one of these images, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to work with you. It's my absolute pleasure.